English Speaking Union Pakistan

The English Speaking Union (ESU) Pakistan was formed in 1961 by a distinguished group of individuals with the primary objective of promoting understanding and fostering friendships through the English language. Annually, they organize an International Public Speaking Competition in which young individuals participate and develop enhanced skills that enable them to make meaningful contributions to their society while fostering a deeper global understanding. Through the utilization of a shared language, they can effectively bridge international barriers and connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Teachers’ Resource Centre

The Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC) is the first of its kind, non-profit organization in Pakistan that empowers teachers by investing in their professional development. TRC has been actively working for the last 36 years to train and empower teachers from both the public as well as private sector; it is an acknowledged leader in the fields of teacher training and Early Childhood Education (ECE).

Educationists of Pakistan

EOP was created in 2017 to connect all Educationists at one platform. After 05 years of our Journey they are a family of 23000+ members in their group and almost 15000 followers on Facebook page. This digital place will provide an exclusive space for learners and trainers to explore and enhance their approach and ideas regarding new technological achievements in the field of education.