Facilitator: Abbas Hussain
Moderator: Sadaf Gulzar

Abbas Husain is Director, Teachers’ Development Centre Karachi. He has received his education and training from the Universities of Karachi, Manchester, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Louisville and Chicago. His vast reading and travel throughout Pakistan have given him a unique insight into the paradoxes and contradictions in the education system of Pakistan.

After over 88,000 teachers reached countrywide, with special training programs for School Leaders, Abbas Husain can claim some clarity about the issues they face (if not the solutions!).

Abbas Husain was awarded the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD by Mohsin-e-Pakistan the late Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan at the Teachers’ Development Conference of Millennium Institute of Professional Development Islamabad on February 22, 2020.

On March 12, 2022, he was awarded the EDUCATION ICON award by Mohammad Azfar Ahsan, Minister of State, Government of Pakistan at the 3rd National Education Summit hosted by Pakistan Academic Consortium, Karachi.

Abbas Husain brings with him a unique perspective of change and resistance to change in the education system of Pakistan. Having been exposed to a vast number of educationists, school teachers, heads and coordinators, he is able to share his insights on the challenges of change in urban education in Pakistan

Facilitator: Shahid Warsi

Moderator: Sukaina Hussain

Shahid Warsi is a renowned scholar, author, educationist and successful entrepreneur. As a world- class trainer and author of numerous research papers and articles in the field of quality, learning and teaching, he has made keynote and workshop presentations at over 100 national and international conferences and seminars. He has trained more than 50,000 principals, teachers and authors in 17 countries around the world on education and quality management systems. Shahid Warsi has strong links with the manufacturing and service industry, chairing public positions at the National Standards Body of Pakistan (PSQCA). He has founded many organizations and led them to the heights of success. As CEO AFAQ, he managed to expand its services, including textbooks and training, to 40,000 schools all over Pakistan in both public and private sectors.

Facilitator: Ishaq Sadiq

Moderator: Amna Shahid

Ishaq Bin Sadiq is CEO of Azaan Institute and founder & president of The Tribe. He is visiting faculty member at Greenwich University and Liaquat College of Medicine & Dentistry. He has completed his 8 years dars-e-nizami under the senior scholars of Pakistan. He is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner & Coach, seasoned trainer and public speaker. He is associated with SeM Adventures – Wilderness Development Program as facilitator, Leaders’ Academy as Master trainer & Intellectual Revival as instructor.
He has more than 12 years of teaching & training experience with different organizations. His other activities include Horse Riding, reading books and adventurous trips.

Facilitator: Dr Stefan Krummaker

Moderator: Dr. Sarwat Nauman

Dr. Stefan is an enthusiastic leadership scholar with a doctorate degree in Organisational Behaviour and extensive knowledge in teaching and working with companies on Leadership, Followership, High Performance Teams, and Organisational Energy. Moreover, he has many years of Higher Education Senior Leadership experience under his belt and held various leadership roles outside Higher Education. In his current role as Deputy Vice-Principal (Education) Stefan’s responsibilities include the implementation of Queen Mary’s education strategy and leadership development for senior educational staff.

Over the past two decades he has taught leadership around the world to many thousand students in Bachelor, Master and E/MBA programmes with a very strong commitment to link leadership research with leadership practice and vice versa. Moreover, Stefan has worked with 50+ companies across the world supporting them to develop more inspirational, passionate, energising, effective and responsible leadership. This work includes executive coaching and consultancy work at C-level. Stefan is also frequently invited as a keynote speaker at universities, companies and conferences around the world. 

His personal leadership credo is to empower people to make a difference.